Stepping Stones

Do you remember playing near a stream or creek when you were a kid? A beautiful sunny Fall day, hair being tussled by the wind, sweatshirt tied around your waist? Then, the toes of your shoes just touching the water as you were reaching …. extending to that precarious position of almost toppling over… ? For me, I was most likely making a hut for Barbie or Ken because they were on an island waStepping stonesiting to be rescued! Most likely I “needed” some bark off the felled tree across the creek… I remember finding stones to put in the creek so I could get to the other side. The stones were never an obstacle…. they were a desired means of getting to the other side! These stones were the solution! I’m not sure when the adult thinking came in and began seeing the rocks as obstacles… but, I was reminded this morning that Jesus is “My Rock”… He is my stepping stone… He is my solution! 

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