New Adventures along the Journey

The Path     Each of us, on our journeys through this life, encounter “firsts”. This is my first Blog. With the encouragement from a special friend and after several years of her prompting…. I’m beginning the climb out of my “everyday mom mode” and hiking towards a new precise in my journey… I’m entering my “everyday no more kids at home mode”… This new mode is quite lonely for me. I am lonely. After pondering and praying about what I might possibly have to offer … I came to the conclusion that I should just share “the truth”… that is what my photography is all about. The images are not edited, because for ME… the lessons learned through the images are about “the truth in that moment”.
SO, my purpose for “blogging” is to share how I’m impacted by the images I take. When I’m shooting and I literally say, “WOW”… or the sight takes my breath away … or, if I can’t help but sing a worship song… I shoot first; than pause… to feel the moment. For me, this is an important element in how the pictures I take translate to those who view them.
I am not an English major, so just this once, I will apologize for incorrect sentence structure or spelling errors. I use “…” quite often which indicates a pause in my thinking/feeling/pondering.
My goal is to post once a week. My desire is for the reader to be drawn into the image that is shared… sit with it for a moment or two… and then share your response with me. I will begin with images that I have shared in my book: Discovering Beauty: Capturing God’s Creation as an Act of Worship. I will expand on what I have written.
It is my hope to receive your perspective on any image you choose to comment on… even if it differs from mine. Different is good. It expands who we are. Ultimately, leading me/us to be more “IN HIS IMAGE”… as I “keep climbing”.
So that’s it. This is my first Blog… I look forward to forging a new path along my journey: launching into New Adventures

. It will be interesting to see who will join me.

(Discovering Beauty is available for view/purchase at: by typing the title of the book in the search box.)

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  1. Esther Feather May 30, 2015 at 11:12 am #

    hey Karen…are you getting this?