Servant of Christ

Weary of “doing”: Servant of Christ

Take a deep breath, sit back… take another deep breath… let it out slowly… How’s your heart? Are you aware of all the “doing”, all the “busy”?  Who are you “doing” for?  When your heart grows weary from trying to “do good” or to please others… step back for a time.  Could it be time to refocus […]

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Stepping Stones

Do you remember playing near a stream or creek when you were a kid? A beautiful sunny Fall day, hair being tussled by the wind, sweatshirt tied around your waist? Then, the toes of your shoes just touching the water as you were reaching …. extending to that precarious position of almost toppling over… ? […]

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Kure cloudy sunrise

In the middle: It’s a good place to be.

I would suspect that I am not the only one who ponders their past… and plans for the future: trying to skillfully choreograph each step. Each year I am blessed with going to the beach. This quiet time to myself  has become a time to focus on “Being Still” (Psalm 46).  This year, God shared with me, […]

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Sovereign Justice

Change, sovereignty, justice, faith, healing, acceptance… the internalization of these truths reaches to the core when we process life events: expected and unexpected. The twins were five: kindergarten was proving more work that I ever dreamed possible for the kindergarten I remember attending! My husband worked in town and it was decided that I return […]

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New Adventures along the Journey

     Each of us, on our journeys through this life, encounter “firsts”. This is my first Blog. With the encouragement from a special friend and after several years of her prompting…. I’m beginning the climb out of my “everyday mom mode” and hiking towards a new precise in my journey… I’m entering my “everyday […]

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